Kitchen Renovation GTA

Her kitchen remodeling was in Toronto and what she was about to experience was transformational.

Jenn reached out to us at Borders Contracting. After this, her kitchen would never look the same.

 It was the busiest time of the year and we usually don’t take on so much but she really needed her kitchen done before her honeymoon. So out of the kindness of our hearts, we made a decision to help out. So I called my team in and they agreed that we would pull together to get this kitchen renovation done on time. In Toronto, the holidays were coming up so I knew it was the right thing to do.

She ended up wanting her kitchen remodeled, and within a week we started the job. We began ripping everything out and down to the studs. We called our electrician who ran the new electrical to the proper locations for a new custom look we agreed to execute. Kitchen renovation GTA will always look better when you plan on getting new stainless steel appliances.

At Borders Contracting we use the best high-quality fiberglass insulation. We then went in sealed the walls with a vapor barrier to prevent any moisture from coming into the home this is mandatory. Make sure to use acoustical sealant, it can get very messy while caulking so makes sure to be careful with it.

Well, we all wish that drywalling was this simple but, of course, it isn’t. Like any skill a good drywalling expert makes it look so easy. Any experienced construction worker in Toronto knows he should know the special tricks and tips to notch out the holes for the electrical socket and switches. It can be a nightmare to miss one so it is very important to mark them out before screwing the dry walls on.


Now For Some Custom Kitchen Cabinets.

For Jen's renovation, she wanted a custom cabinet look in her kitchen. We picked out these gorgeous white cabinets from downtown Toronto for her. She imagined a white theme in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, this will give a fresh new look to this space. For this renovation we used a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall, typically they are 16 inches off center on newer builds. The studs are very crucial to support the weight of the cabinets especially if they are heavy. It's important to pay careful attention to the position of all electrical wiring and plumbing because you don't want to puncture anything lines with the screws while installing the cabinets this could cause a big delay in the kitchen renovations.






In most renovations selecting the ideal white for your cupboards in the kitchen can in some cases be a mind-boggling process since there are huge amounts of various shades to pick from. Whites that vibe strong or chilly will function admirably in a more present-day space with other striking colors while antique shades will sparkle in vintage style or nation kitchens. To choose the correct white, take a gander at alternate hues and furniture in your room and pick the white that functions admirably with these different components. In the event that you need to keep things unbiased, utilize antique white on the majority of your cupboards. In the event that you need to infuse a little shading, think about utilizing dark, beige, blue, yellow, or green on your base cupboards.

Coating and upsetting are two strategies that can likewise be utilized to give your cupboards a classical look. To coat your cupboards, you'll make or pick a coating blend and brush it onto your cupboards utilizing a paint brush or froth brush. You'll have to rehash this procedure in the renovation until the point when you get your coveted look; it can take a while.

Granite countertops that will make you Kitchen just pop.

In Toronto, we found some granite countertops were the style of choice for this project it gave us that look we were after. The client wanted an affordable sleek look for this renovation which didn't break the bank at 40$ per sqft. I was glad to let her know that granite will give you just that. The finish turned out so seamless I was impressed with myself.

We used a  grey finish which kept the feel of the kitchen phenomenal. I made sure to overhang the face of the of the cabinets 1.5 inches which is a must needed look.

Some slabs can weigh up to 200lbs and also be super brittle so be cautious and handle it with care.  Our walls were perfectly square on this project but for you guys at home that might have walls that are not square, it's a great idea to create a template for the granite countertops. Use kraft paper to make a template of the actual measurement of the countertop. Apply protective tape to the base of the saw to protect the granite. You don't want to scratch it then use a circular saw with a dry-cut segmented diamond blade. Test fit pieces that are cut, and be very careful with long, thin pieces that could snap they are super brittle. 

We use a reputable company for our granite countertops and if your wondering who we use in Toronto don't hesitate to ask for some guidance we are here to help anyways back to the project ;).

North of Toronto to find the best tile for your kitchen.

Backsplash tile was a great finishing touch we added. It brought everything in the kitchen renovation in Toronto together. We use this oval-shaped design which gave it a rustic look which the client picked out herself. I was thinking that there were better choices out there for this renovation. but after a while, the design started to grow on me. It was a good touch to the kitchen. If you have ever installed tile before you know how tough it can be to get the cutting and measuring done right. So here are some tips for your renovation. Use white thinset behind tiles made with glass. It shows through the glass, and colored thinset can change the look. Creating complex patterns is easier if you lay out all your plans with a pencil. To do this, get the surface ready to be tiled lightly adding the entire area with a layer of white thinset (mastic won't work) and let it dry. Now you have the right surface to write on, as well as the part surface to accept the installation thinset or mastic that you will use to set the tiles. I wanted to mention north of Toronto you will find many reputable companies with high-quality tiles for sale to make your renovation more affordable. Cookeries have a place in my heart and are the heart of the home.

There you have it, another gorgeous kitchen renovation in Toronto has been completed. My team really pull through like always and am happy to hear that the client loved her new kitchen now. She can relax with her children and enjoy every minute she's in the kitchen now. If your kitchen renovation needs an overhaul to remember don't hesitate to call.